Showcase Window

The Showcase Window consists of a transparent LCD screen set in front of your product that delivers personalized videos or animation. Its screen has the ability to give a full, partial, or blocked view of the product, allowing for interesting interactions and animation.

Holografyx Showcase Window


Designed to attract observers’ curiosity, the Showcase Window screen displays full, partial, or blocked transparency of its interior while depicting captivating and interesting effects.


The Showcase runs an Android OS, compatible with virtually any video file, allowing storage of files to be played directly from it.

How it works

Get your Showcase Window

Buy your Showcase at one of the many trade shows we participate in all over the USA and Canada. There’s no monthly fees, no hidden costs, just a one-time purchase.

Get your video

You can have a video made by your preferred agency or order it directly from us. Our creative team will create a stunning presentation video for your product.

Showcase your product

With the Showcase Window and the video made for your company, you are all set to showcase your product wherever you want and get the attention of your consumers.

Product Specifications

LCD PanelSize
1680 x 1050
Display FeaturesMaximum Contrast16:10
DimensionsUnit Weight
Unit Dimension (H x W x D)
4.5 Kg.
560mm x 450mm x 24mm.
Media PlayerMedia format Supported

Wireless Communication
.avi, .mp4, .mpg, .mpeg, .mkv,
.flv, .rmvb, .webm, .ts, .asf
USB memory capacity

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